• Ford “Squirrel” Commercial

    Driving by Jake Moore

  • Celebrate Life 2014

    NoStigmas Founder, Jacob Moore speaks at Celebrate Life 2014 on World Suicide Prevention Day in Chicago.

  • This App Turns Your Photos Into Music via The Onion

    “As an innovator, I have one simple goal…..to make an app.” Tech CEO Thomas Fisk started with a simple goal: make an app...

  • Great Controversy

    Episode 4 “Broken Men” Logline: A mercenary suffering from post traumatic stress disorder seeks answers to his ex-wife’s death and finds himself in the...

  • GVSU Mental Health Week Keynote

    NØSTIGMAS Founder, Jacob Moore was invited to give the keynote speech to close Grand Valley State Universities Mental Health Week. This video contains...

  • Fallabella

    La nueva colección HOT de Falabella te sorprenderá. Ven a conocer la próxima tendencia Primavera Verano 2013/14. Sólo en Falabella lo último lo...

  • The Last Generation To Die

    Set in the future when science first begins to stop aging, a daughter tries to save her father from natural death

  • Screen Reel

    Bio: Jacob Moore is a SAG-AFTRA actor based in LA and Chicago. Career highlights include a principal role for Discovery Channel’s Fields of...

  • MoCap Reel

    Motion capture and video gaming reel featuring stunts and fight scenes of Jacob Moore and Lawrence Kern.

  • Big O Tire

    A spot for Big O Tire running in Kentucky. Featuring Othel Robert Owen & Jacob Moore.

  • The Flavor

    A short about two brothers, Beller and Winston Hughes, in an industry proving to be far more dangerous than they anticipated: Gelato Making.

  • Doritos – Irresistable

    Produced by Digital Hydra Directed by Rick Peters Starring Kim DeJesus, Jacob Moore, Ashley Lobo and Mino Mackic

  • Fields of Valor

    Selected clips from Discovery’s Fields of Valor: The Civil War featuring Jacob Moore as Lt. Henry Ropes. This epic, four-part miniseries offers intimate...