Speaking Opportunities

Jacob Moore is an speaker, wellness coach and the founder of NoStigmas, a social movement for mental health equality.  Having lost his father to suicide at age 6, Jacob grew up plagued by questions and anxiety.  In high school Jacob developed panic disorder and eventually clinical depression. Throughout his teens and 20′s he struggled to find a “cure” with the aid of several medical professionals and 20 various combinations of pharmaceutical drugs.

Ultimately, he discovered a whole-person approach to mental wellness, which included: nutrition, fitness, professional and peer support.  Wanting to give back, Jacob created a community called NoStigmas where people could share their story and learn about mental health without feeling alone or ashamed.  The community grew and in 2011, NoStigmas became recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.

Jacob is a mental health speaker and writes on the topics of mental wellness, suicide prevention, stigmas, peer mentorship, holistic health, and the business of starting a nonprofit.  He splits his time between Chicago and Los Angeles.