Driving by Jake Moore

NoStigmas Founder, Jacob Moore speaks at Celebrate Life 2014 on World Suicide Prevention Day in Chicago.

“As an innovator, I have one simple goal…..to make an app.” Tech CEO Thomas Fisk started with a simple goal: make an app that turns one thing into another thing. Original post: http://www.theonion.com/special/technology

Episode 4 “Broken Men” Logline: A mercenary suffering from post traumatic stress disorder seeks answers to his ex-wife’s death and finds himself in the midst of a national conspiracy. More episodes: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheScriPicChannel/videos  

Bio: Jacob Moore is a SAG-AFTRA actor based in LA and Chicago. Career highlights include a principal role for Discovery Channel’s Fields of Valor: Civil War 3D series, an appearance in the ‘Powers’ pilot for FX and work with Ron Howard on ‘The Dilemma’. Additional credits include work with Dunkin’ Donuts, Cheez-it, NBC, Kenmore, BP, Cisco, among dozens of others. An accomplished acro-gymnast with experience in stunt work, Jacob has trained with legendary casting director, Jane Alderman, Second City great, Michael Gellman and voiceover guru Marice Tobias.

Motion capture and video gaming reel featuring stunts and fight scenes of Jacob Moore and Lawrence Kern.

A short about two brothers, Beller and Winston Hughes, in an industry proving to be far more dangerous than they anticipated: Gelato Making.

Produced by Digital Hydra Directed by Rick Peters Starring Kim DeJesus, Jacob Moore, Ashley Lobo and Mino Mackic